Maintaining Your Outdoor Living Space

Maintaining Your Outdoor Living Space is easier than most people think. North Shore outdoor living areas in Massachusetts can be some of the most enjoyable spaces on a property.  Don’t get discouraged by maintenance, it’s easier than you think.  


Patios and Pavers


You can easily maintain your stone walkways by making sure to spray them clean in the Spring. If you have pavers with polymeric-sand seams you can touch them up as needed. You want to minimize the water that gets into the joints between and underneath the pavers. Trapped water underneath pavers cause damage from the freeze/thaw cycle. Resealing only needs to be done every few years and can be done by the company that installed them or a good landscaping company.




The main thing you want to do with wood based decks is keep the leaves off them. When leaves that are left on the wood deteriorate they can discolor the wood. You can accomplish this with a broom or the fastest and easiest way would be a simple electric or gas powered leaf blower. With a blower you can get the job done in seconds. If your deck is composite material then your deck is pretty much a maintenance-free deck, although keeping the leaves off will certainly make it look nicer.  


Outdoor Furniture


North Shore outdoor living areas are not complete without some comfortable patio furniture.  If you’re using composite furniture with stainless steel hardware, it’s perfectly fine to leave them outside year round.  However, wrought iron or aluminum furniture should be covered or stored indoors. In addition, furniture with fabric cushions and padding can be easily covered or should be stored inside.


Outdoor Kitchen


One thing you should always do is cover your grill when not using it. Otherwise, dust can build up on the controls and water and cold weather will decrease the lifespan of the grill. And it will look much nicer. Therefore, make sure to keep the grill grates clean by getting the grill hot before each cooking and scrapping old char off with a grill scraper.


We love outdoor living spaces. Outdoor design is one of the services we’re best known for. Call us today and we can help you get started on an outdoor living space that you’ll love for years to come. 978-352-8834

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