3 “Extra” Benefits the Right Patio Contractor Can Give You

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When you hire a patio contractor, you expect to get an outdoor space that is safe, beautiful, enjoyable, and fit your backyard landscape design ideas. That’s sort of obvious. However, when you choose the right patio contractor you also get a handful of “extra” benefits that a lot of homeowners don’t think about.

What are these extra benefits, and why do they matter? In this article I’ll break down three of the most important ones so you can have the right criteria in mind when you evaluate different companies.


Extra Benefit #1: A Clearer Vision for Your Outdoor Space

You probably have some idea, and possibly a very good idea, about what you want from your patio contractor to fulfill your backyard landscape design ideas. Maybe you’re looking for a deck, an outdoor fire pit, or even some bigger fixtures like a pool or a tennis court. Until these are locked in as plans or designs, though, they can always be refined. They may even have room for improvement.

As a homeowner, you probably have a sense of what you like. And, you’ll have seen other homes in your area that might give you inspiration. But you probably can’t match the experience and perspective that your professional patio contractor will have. For that reason, they might be able to introduce you to something new that you haven’t seen or considered before.

Often, in my line of work you can see an outdoor space and notice the potential for something that adds beauty or value to the property. Once in a while, we can even introduce something that our customer didn’t even know existed.

Along the same lines, a good patio contractor can take the inspiration you already have and help you sharpen it so that the different elements work together more cleanly. Or, we can make recommendations based on aesthetics and enjoyment… not to mention safety and efficiency.

It’s also worth pointing out that your patio contractor can use advanced software and modeling tools to help you preview your outdoor space before it’s built. Using virtual tours we can walk you through your new patio and backyard to ensure you’re going to love it before we have broken ground. That way you can not only approve the ideas beforehand but get even more excited about the process that is still to come.


Extra Benefit #2: Hassle-Free Project Management

If there is one thing that stops homeowners from hiring a patio contractor when they should, it’s the fear that the process is going to be painful and drawn out. After all, when was the last time you heard someone talk about how enjoyable it was to work with a contractor?

I can understand why homeowners tend to feel this way. Even a modest landscaping project is going to involve some of the following:

  • Planning the work and creating a detailed budget
  • Evaluating the site and clearing away old structures, debris, etc.
  • Ordering appliances and fixtures to be installed
  • Applying for permits for the construction
  • Managing plumbers, electricians, and other workers on site      


Who really wants to spend their spare time dealing with all that?

The perception might be that working with landscapers and trade professionals is going to be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, after 20+ years in this business I would argue that redesigning your outdoor space should be a lot of fun as you accomplish your backyard landscape design ideas. You should be excited about what you’re going to get, and all the changes taking place on your property.

Certainly, there will be a great deal of work involved, but a good patio contractor will handle all the details for you. Your job is to make decisions about what you want your patio to look like and hire someone who can do the rest.


Extra Benefit #3: A More Valuable Home 

When you hire the right patio contractor using the best materials you ultimately end up with a property that is worth more than it used to be. That’s easy to overlook when you’re thinking about the different steps in the process rather than the end result.

It’s important to come back to this reality, however, because it has more than one aspect. Certainly, your home will appreciate on paper, giving you more equity and the ability to sell it for a larger amount of money in the future. That’s certainly important. However, it’s also fair to say that a home with a new patio is worth more to its owners in terms of their quality of life.

When you add a pool, an outdoor kitchen, or something else that’s equally as special to your backyard, you aren’t just increasing its worth on paper. You’re also making it a place where family and friends want to gather. A few of our customers have even told me that they take fewer vacations after we have finished working together. Rather than dealing with the hassle of airports and highways, they prefer to simply lounge in their beautifully created spaces in peace.

The more you love the outdoor space around your house, the more you get from your time at home. That’s perhaps the biggest benefit you could possibly get from any investment.


The One Patio Design Detail You Can’t Overlook

All of the “extras” I’ve mentioned in this article are valid, and they all make a huge difference in how you feel about your outdoor space when it’s finished. However, there is a catch that I’ve already mentioned: you have to choose the right patio contractor using great materials to enjoy them. If you don’t, then the process can become drawn out, aggravating, and more expensive than you expect.

If you’re looking to transform the backyard of your home into a place where you and your family will feel like you’re on vacation, then we want to help. Stefanos is the leading patio contractor for the northeastern Massachusetts region, and we are comfortable working on properties of all sizes.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your patio design project.