5 Questions You Should Ask Any Patio Installer Near Me Before Hiring Them

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So you have decided to do something different with the outdoor space around your home. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve recently bought the property or had it for decades. It also doesn’t matter whether your yard is big or small, what kind of budget you have, or how many landscape designs you’ve put together. The one single thing that will have the biggest impact on your satisfaction is whether you choose the right patio installer near me or not.

So how do you choose the perfect partner to help you bring your vision to life? You can check out websites and read online reviews, of course, but in the end nothing beats a good interview. With that in mind, here are five questions you should absolutely ask any patio installer before hiring them…


Question #1: How Long Have You Been in the Business?

We all have to start somewhere. In fact, I remember the first few patio contracting jobs I handled as a college student so many years ago. I’m still grateful to the friends and neighbors who gave me a chance.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, though. Looking back, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle anything more substantial than some minor landscaping jobs. While I’m all for saving money and watching new companies grow, I strongly recommend you hire a patio contractor with many years of experience. 

A team that’s been around the block a few times will know what to look for, can avoid the common pitfalls, and (most importantly) can keep your project on track.


Question #2: Is Your Team Experienced?

It’s not enough to simply find a contractor that’s been in business for a while. You also want to ensure that the designers, site technicians, and workers have experience, as well.

In my company, I have several managers who have worked with me for more than a decade. That’s important because I can’t be on every worksite at once. No patio contractor can. I have to trust that my team is doing things exactly the way I would. I also have to know that they aren’t making mistakes that are going to cause headaches later.

At a minimum, you’ll want to know that the men and women leading your patio contracting job have been in the industry – and ideally working for the same employer – for several years running. That’s a good sign you won’t run into unexpected problems or delays later in the process.


Question #3: What Kinds of Projects Do You Specialize in?

To a homeowner looking at online portfolios, it might seem as if every patio contractor does the same thing. However, some will have different skills, capabilities, and equipment than others. For example, some contracting teams might specialize in building pools and saunas. Others might like to work with large or small spaces, or to work on tennis and basketball courts.

These are just examples, but they illustrate the need to match your vision with the patio contractor’s expertise. At a very minimum, you will want to ensure that they have the background needed to handle your project.

As a side note to this thought, it’s also good to clarify whether the company you hire will be subcontracting parts of the work to another business or professional. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you’ll want to know who is ultimately responsible for each phase of the job.


Question #4: What Will the Design and Landscaping Process Be Like?

There are two big benefits to asking this question. The first is that it should give you a clear idea of the steps and timelines involved in your landscaping project. The second is that it lets you evaluate whether each piece of the plan seems to be more or less realistic. Both are important.

Your patio contractor should be able to give you a relatively detailed breakdown of the process needed to turn your existing yard into the patio you dream of. They should be able to tell you when they will start, what phases will be involved, and (weather permitting) when they’ll finish. They may also need to order appliances and equipment, which could affect the timeline.

Be wary of anything that sounds much too good to be true. A credible and experienced contracting team will warn you about inevitable delays, or even the need to finish other projects before they begin. That might sound like bad news, but it’s usually a sign that you’ve chosen a reputable patio contractor with a healthy book of business. It’s much better to wait a few weeks and get the result you want than to rush things and wish you would have held off.


Question #5: Can I Talk to Some of Your Previous Customers?

If you really want to know how your patio contractor is going to perform there is no substitute for speaking to previous customers. Ideally, you’ll want to talk to homeowners in your area who have worked with them recently, and to ask them similar questions to the ones I’ve already outlined.

The conversations you have with previous customers don’t need to be drawn out, but you should look for consistencies and specifics. For example, if everyone says that communication was strong and expectations were met, then you’re probably safe to move forward with the patio contractor you’re interviewing. Conversely, if reviews are mixed – or worse, point to persistent problems – then you should ask more questions or move on.

No one knows as much about your patio contractor as the people who have already hired them. Ask them for their insights and make the most of what you hear along the way.


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