7 Patio Contractor Red Flags to Look Out For

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I love being a patio contractor, and I have a great deal of respect for the patio installers near me in this business. Not only do we work hard on behalf of the homeowners who hire us, but we get the satisfaction of helping them see their dreams and visions come to life.

However, I’ve been in this business long enough to know that not every patio installers near me stands by their word or delivers on the promises they make. Whether it’s because they don’t have the right skills and experience or they simply don’t care, there are some contractors out there who give the rest of us a bad name.

Because I’m proud of my profession and want to protect homeowners from the less ethical operators in my industry, I’m going to offer a bit of insight and advice. Below you’ll find seven red flags you should look out for when hiring a patio contractor to work on your property.


Red Flag #1: A Lackluster Contracting Website

What your patio contractor does in real life is much more important than what they post online. However, a poor website is still a red flag because it can indicate the business is too new, or too underfunded, to finish a landscaping project smoothly.

To put this another way: if a patio installers me business can’t even represent itself with decent images and proper grammar, what are the chances they’ll go the extra mile to ensure your property looks the way you expected it to? If they are cutting corners on their own marketing, they’ll probably cut corners on your work, as well.


Red Flag #2: Generic Online Photos

Looking at the other side of the coin, it isn’t that difficult to put together a professional patio contractor website. In fact, some business owners will claim to have experience or expertise they don’t. They’ll back their stories up with generic stock photos that don’t actually relate to any real-world project.

Luckily, these tend to be easy to spot. If something looks off on a patio contractor’s portfolio, then inspect everything you see a bit more closely. And certainly, see what previous customers have to say. That brings me to my next point…


Red Flag #3: A Lack of Testimonials

A reputable patio contractor who has been working in the same area for a long time will have plenty of homeowners willing to tell you about the good work they have done. If the company you’re thinking about hiring doesn’t have numerous testimonials – or if the ones they feature would be hard to verify – then take that as a big red flag.

You should never hire a patio installers near me without knowing they’ve done satisfactory work for others in your area, so get that confirmation before you sign an agreement or pay a deposit.


Red Flag #4: Prices That Seem Too Low

Everyone loves a good deal, and I certainly wouldn’t want you to pay more than you should for the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming about. However, if a price seems too good to be true, then it’s always worth investigating things a bit more carefully.

A patio contractor who quotes a below-market price is generally signaling one of two things: either they haven’t been in business long enough to know how long the work will take or they aren’t planning on spending the kind of time and money on materials a professional would to ensure that you are satisfied with the finished result.


Red Flag #5: A Rushed Consultation Process

At my company, we talk about the design and consultation phase as the most important part of the landscaping process. It doesn’t just allow us to clear up any questions our customer might have, but also to learn about their dreams and goals. That might sound simple, but it makes all the difference when we are looking at materials or adding machine touches.

In contrast, a patio contractor who rushes you through your interviews isn’t going to be able to deliver on your requests. They simply won’t know enough about what they are. So if someone seems like they are in a rush to quote your price or get you out the door, then look elsewhere.


Red Flag #6: A Reliance on Subcontractors

It’s very important that you know who will actually be completing the work on your property. Will it be the contractor themselves, a team that has been working for them a long time, or a subcontracted third party?

Believe it or not, there are entire patio contracting companies that do very little in the way of construction or renovation. Instead, they are marketers who find customers, close them on contracts, and then pass the actual work on to someone else (usually the cheapest provider they can find). That’s not an arrangement that is likely to leave you feeling like you’ve gotten the best value for your investment.


Red Flag #7: Vague Answers to Your Questions

This isn’t really a specific red flag as much as it is a general warning. Throughout the patio design process you should feel as if you understand exactly what is happening, and that it all conforms to the vision you have for your outdoor space. If that isn’t true, or if you feel as if your contractor isn’t giving you the whole story, then you should move on.

Customer satisfaction begins with understanding. It ends with quality work and strong communication. If any of those elements are missing from your project, then your patio contractor is overlooking an important part of their job.


Don’t Compromise and Hire the Wrong Patio Contractor

It can be difficult to find the right patio contractor, wait for them to become available, and pay the sorts of rates they command. However, it’s well worth it to go through a longer search if it means you will be happy with your outdoor space for years to come.

If you’re located in the Saugus, Massachusetts, area then we can help. Get in touch with Stefanos today and see why we are the patio contractor of choice for homeowners throughout the region.