Best New England Landscape Plantings

Landscape plantings can enhance your home by making it more welcoming, soften harsh edges, and tie it to the surrounding landscape. However, many homeowners are not sure where to start on such projects and worry about the cost. We can help you not only design a great looking landscape, but we can choose the best inexpensive landscape plantings for the environment and make it look first class.


What are the Best Plants for my New England Yard?


The first answer to this question is: it depends on the location. If you’re planting in an area that receives some shade and some sun a great plant is the Carissa Holly. Hollies go great in corners and near entrances. They’re a compact plant decorated with beautiful white blossoms. They’re not too big either, growing three to four feet tall and four to six feet wide.  


If you’re planting in an area the receives full sun we recommend a true Geranium. This beautiful plant is in bloom for more than half the year. The geranium is only a foot and half tall and two feet wide making it a perfect fit for most spaces within your yard.  



When planting in areas that receive a lot of shade you’ll love a Viburnum. They have amazing looking leaves, they’re easy to maintain, and most varieties have flowers and even fruit. There are over 150 types to choose from guaranteeing you’ll find the perfect one for your yard.  


What about Trees?


Don’t worry, if you’re a tree lover we got your tree and shrub planting needs covered. September and October are the best times for tree and shrub planting in the North East. If you’re looking for stunning colors try the Ginkgo tree. The Ginkgo displays stunning yellow fan-shaped leaves each fall and are great at resisting insects and disease.  


If you’re looking for a fruit tree you have many choices, one of our favorites is the Enterprise apple tree. Enterprises yield bright red apples that are crisp and have tremendous flavor. They ripen during the second half of October and the apples actually sweeten up during storage. They last five to six months in the fridge!  


Some people love a good flowering tree. We love the Flowering Dogwood. They produce breathtaking white and pink flowers in the Spring, and the leaves turn to an eye-catching reddish purple color in the fall. In addition, their branches which spread out horizontally are pleasing to look at during winter as well.   


You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a company that provides landscape plantings in the New England area. But when it comes to inexpensive landscape plantings done by a company with a history and reputation for excellence your choices quickly diminish.


Give us a Stefano’s Landscape and Construction a call today and we’ll be more than happy to help you start making a plan for all your landscape plantings.  978-352-8834   

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