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Everyone loves the summer bloom. We all love the color and brightness, and most likely would prefer to keep things this way all year round. A good landscaping company in Massachusetts like Stefano’s Landscaping Company will help you with your Residential Landscape Property Maintenance and offer  Fall Landscaping Tips.

However, as summer gives way to fall, you might start worrying about what next to do. Spring landscaping is one thing, and fall landscaping another. Can you create an outstanding landscape in the fall? While the summer bloom might be going into hibernation as it prepares for the winter, that doesn’t have to take away the color of your outdoor space.

Landscaping requires proper planning. Considering the conditions of the season and the seasonal temperature shift while creating your landscaping plan requires a little know-how, but the result is the preservation of the beauty of your green architectural structure both during the colder and the warmer months.

Follow these 3 tips if you want to infuse color in your landscapes:

Plan Ahead – Fall Landscaping Tips

Just as stated earlier, planning ahead is important when it comes to landscaping. What landscaping company would handle your Residential Landscape Property Maintenance and Fall Cleanups? What are the measurements you should take as the fall rolls in? The answers to these questions will help guide what you do next.

For example, fall is a great time to start fertilizing the ground and planting spring-blooming plants. Applying slow-releasing fertilizers will help shrubs and trees like lilac, azaleas and dogwood bloom as vibrant as possible.

While tulips are great during the fall, consider planting bulbs as well. You can find great ideas for allium, custom mixes and species-style tulips in catalogs like Van Bloem or Scheepers.

Add Varieties – Fall Landscaping Tips

At Stefano’s Landscaping Company MA, we believe that variety is the spice of life. When it comes to proper landscaping, varying the time of planting and the seeds you plant can help you grow your landscape into a remarkable beauty. Different plants bloom at different periods and for different durations.

There are a lot of plants that change color and texture as they age, displaying varying beautiful combinations. Imagine how a blowsy look could bring out a relaxed beauty out of your garden. Imagine the clash of colors as Sedums keep bronzing up and changing colors, while the Hydrangeas age in their own beautiful way.

This is how your garden – its purple and white plumes and the orange and scarlet foliage – will keep transforming in beauty from one day to the next. It is almost like poetry as you see Mother Nature slowly and gently display its full glory. Careful choosing such varieties can help keep your landscape beautiful in and out of season.

Think Long-Term – Stefano’s Landscaping

Landscaping is not a one-time project. However, there is a beautiful way to balance structure and diversity. This is easily achieved by mixing both annual plants and perennials in your garden. While perennials help provide a solid and stable foundation to build on, the evolution of the annuals will help keep things lively.

While still thinking about the long term, it is essential to plant native plants as well. Climates vary from location to location. Native plants have proven over time that they could withstand and thrive in whatever season. This is why they have to be added to the garden. They simply stand the test of time and nature.

Sometimes, landscaping would include out-of-season furniture. Instead of keeping them in the open during this time, a better idea is to take them in and preserve them for the next suitable season. Inasmuch as there are plants for every season, a few changes won’t be sorely missed.

These are few tips that could make the way you landscape more interesting. Which of these would you start implementing immediately?

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