Four Things to Consider before hiring a Commercial Snow Removal Company

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Working with the right commercial snow removal company MA is another form of insurance for your company. However, finding an affordable one with a proven track record isn’t always easy. There are several key things to consider before hiring a commercial snow removal company.


Insurance – Commercial Snow Removal Company

Snow removal can be dangerous. If done incorrectly injury or property damage can easily happen. Snow removal contractors should be properly insured for liability before you consider signing a contract with them. There are countless stories of businesses working with uninsured contractors who end up footing the bill for shoddy work and injuries. Make sure you ask and verify the insurance for whoever you’re hiring to remove your snow.  In addition, if you’re working with a company that’s properly insured, it’s a good bet they’re handling the other aspects of their business as well.  


References – Commercial Snow Removal Company

Part of the risk that you take on when working with new landscaping companies in Massachusetts is that you’ve never worked with them before. Do they do quality work? Do they complete the job on time? Can they communicate with you effectively? Make sure to request references, look at testimonials on their webpage, look through their portfolio, and contact the Better Business Bureau. Make sure you’re working with a reputable Massachusetts landscape design company before you invest your time and money.  


Planning – Commercial Snow Removal Company

Once you believe you’ve found a potential snow removal company for you take them to the work location and make everything crystal clear.  Walk the contractor through your property and discuss what needs to be cleared in the winter months. The contractor should take your information and come back to you with a clear execution plan and accurate estimate of the cost. If there are potential challenges on your property the contractor should recognize this during the initial walk through and point it out to you so you’re both on the same page going forward.  


Equipment  – Commercial Snow Removal Company

There are different sizes and qualities of equipment as there are different sizes and qualities of storms. When a big storm hits, be assured that the company you’re working with has the equipment to handle the job. A plow attached to the front of a pickup truck isn’t going to do much when things get bad. Ask for a list of the equipment the contractor has and how big the fleet is. Don’t wait while the contractor scrambles to fulfill the needs of his clients because he has low performing equipment or a small fleet.


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