Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is multi-functional. When considering landscape lighting the three main factors that come into play are safety, security, and beauty. Landscape lighting, when installed in the proper place, provides safe passage throughout the yard for homeowners. Eliminating hiding places with light and using motion sensor landscape lighting increases home security. The beauty and aesthetic components that go into professional landscape lighting design can turn any average or dull yard into a nighttime haven.




One of the obstacles Outdoor living space landscape designers face is working safety into their designs. Many homes have beautiful landscape lighting, but when it comes to functionality it fails.  Homeowners need to be able to safely navigate their way through lit landscapes. Well lit walkways and steps are essential. Down-lighting, a method that uses accent lights or bullets that shine down from a higher elevation, is a great way to hide less attractive parts of the yard while drawing attention to more aesthetic areas while covering a larger area with light and increasing safety with landscape lighting..


When looking for a North Shore landscape lighting company it’s essential to choose one that’s been in the business long enough to understand the nuances and fine details of a properly lit pathway.



A major concern when it comes to North shore outdoor living areas is security. Landscape lighting enhances security even when the homeowners have gone to bed or are away from the property. Most landscape lighting systems are available with timers and controls that can be operated remotely – often through a smartphone.

Some homeowners prefer to not have landscape lighting on all night but still want the added security. We also offer a variety of options that will allow for motion sensors to turn the lights on if anything or anyone crosses the sensor. An experienced North Shore landscape lighting company will know where to place lights to optimize security.




Perhaps the number one reason people choose landscape lighting in North Shore outdoor living areas is for the aesthetic appeal. You can enhance the drama of a backyard waterfall or pool by using well-placed bullets or underwater fixtures. Silhouetting, or backlighting, is the use of lights behind a statue or tree in front of a fence or wall. It create a dramatic effect. Grazing is when the light fixture is located close to the surface and the light is directed upward at a 45-degree angle accentuating the texture of the surface you’re illuminating. Ultimately when it comes to painting with landscape lighting you have endless combinations to choose from to ensure you’ll find the right fit for your yard.


When it comes to choosing the right landscape lighting design company for your North Shore outdoor living area there is no need to get overwhelmed. Give us a call today. We’ll gladly walk you through the available options and come out for an onsite visit. We’ve earned a reputation as the go-to landscape lighting design company in the North Shore area for a reason. Call Stefano’s Landscaping Design and Construction today at 978-352-8834.

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