Commercial and residential homeowners understand the essence of having an attractive landscape. The main point is to have a Landscaping for Commercial Properties maintenance culture, and as such many retail property managers invest lots of money into having a perfect landscape to add an aesthetic value to the property. When they do this, they expect more than just one passing season for their beautiful flora and fauna. Smart property managers understand that an essential factor in keeping your existing commercial tenants as well as attracting new ones is a beautiful landscape. The winter season might be a challenging time for you to maintain your landscape, but with these guidelines, we will be helping Landscaping for Commercial Properties managers keep their flora and fauna fresh during winter up until spring and beyond. 

Grass and Grass Maintenance

If you have grassy areas in your landscape, you would want to leave them quite long instead of cutting them short. This is a hack to helping you reduce the visibility of dead browned spots during the winter. However, you can cut the grass short during your final mowing of the winter. You can also prevent against brown spots by removing dead leaves so that the soil will be adequately aerated.

Addition of fertilizer

After winter, when you must have cut your grass short, you can add fertilizer on the surface of your soil. The fertilizer that has high phosphorus and potassium content is what is recommended so that you can get nutrients into the land. Fertilizers of this nature will help you boost the root of the grass and give them strong growth in preparation for spring.

Plant winter flowers

Winterberry holly, dogwood, running anonymous, Rosa virginians, and conifers. What do all these flowers have in common? They are all winter flowers. An excellent hack for you should be planting only winter flowers that will blossom during winter to help create a bright and attractive landscape.

Wrapping and landscape Pruning

Pruning and wrapping your landscape is also an essential factor in helping you get value for your money. If you have any of the landscape property that can be damaged during the winter season, you will need to either pro or wrap them to save yourself on extra cost. Bare branches on your landscape that might break because of the weight of snow hanging on it. You should run the branches so that there will be no room for snow to hang on branches. If you also know that other elements cannot stand the cold of winter, it’s best to remove them and wrap them in burlap sacks so that you can reduce the amount of damage that will be caused by winter.

Be sure to weed, and sanitize for diseases and pests

An excellent time for you to remove any problem that is troubling your landscape is during the dormant winter period. You can remove any form of weed, any tree that is diseased can either be removed or treated. Doing this will ensure that you give your landscape longevity and a chance to last long with the same beauty and attraction.

Sprinkler system

You should be ready before the Massachusetts cold comes on your landscape. As a commercial property manager, you have to make sure that you drain and blow the pipes in your sprinkler system so that they don’t freeze and burst. Burst pipes can cost you a lot of problems and will be expensive to fix.

Maintenance of Hardscape

Apart from flowers, many smart commercial property managers add rock work and concrete structures to their landscape as an extra touch of beauty. If you have these structures already, the best time for you to maintain them would be during winter. If you notice that any hardscape develops a fault or a crack or a hole you should seal them up before the harsh conditions start to kick in. And if you have any rock or structure that is not repairable, you should remove it or replace it during winter. 

Snow and Ice Removal

Removing snow and ice from your landscape is undoubtedly the most important thing that you have to do during winter. When you have lots of snow, it can cause accidents. It is potentially dangerous to others apart from your landscape. As a manager, you need to devise a plan on how to remove snow from your premises. Do not do it half as this can cause falls by pedestrians. For your icy parking lots, you should salt or sand them.

Landscaping is a way of adding more aesthetic value, function, and personalization to commercial property.  It is imperative that you take proper care of your landscape during winter and every other season of the year.

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