Landscaping and Masonry Contractors

Choices you have for Landscaping Massachusetts summertime backyards are endless. Walkways and patios, brick, stone and granite stairs, as well as retaining walls are all options to consider. Having a lawn on your property that you just can’t wait to spend time in is worth the work.


North Shore Landscaping Companies

Landscaping and Masonry Contractors offer various services for curb appeal and comfort. North Shore Landscaping Companies have amazing options available for brick concrete walkways. Availability blends in well with a Massachusetts landscape. Natural clay or Bluestone along with granite slabs are charming.


Poured concrete is a great option that stamps and colors your prized yard. Since a frost layer extends as many as 4 feet into the ground, proper base materials are critical. When a walkway, outdoor kitchen or patio is installed with a solid foundation, it ensures that you will enjoy it for years to come.


Your preferred expert can suggest a layout, color, or style for the walkway or patio. After you have chosen what you want, the rest is up to them. Locating the underground utilities are an important step. Next, is excavating and removing all soil and base material. If there is any damage to a lawn during walkway installation, it can be repaired with seed.


Walkway Installation – Masonry Contractor


Walkway installation North Shore techniques involve cutting of materials and extensive measuring. If a walkway project is very complex, it may require cutting of materials. Brick, pavers, and natural stone can be some of the more expensive materials during this process. If you are drawn to these materials but desire lower cost, the can be chosen as side décor. Using multiple paving materials is a great way to get the best of both worlds at a good price.



Drainage issues will be important to address during construction. If the subsoil is not properly prepared prior to installing, paving could lead to hazardous settling. This can often cause walkways to crack. You can check with your installer as well as your material supplier to see what kind of preventative maintenance is needed. One important thing to remember is that stained concrete should be well sealed after being installed.


Landscaping and Masonry Contractors

You can locate a New England Landscape Retaining Wall Company to help you with this awesome addition. Landscape blocks really bring life to walls, and drastically change their appearance. They don’t require footing or mortar and can be stacked to create a wall that leans into strengthening zones. These blocks that are made of precast concrete are very durable and are easily cut into smaller pieces.


Landscape blocks come in two major varieties, either pinned or lipped. If you are planning on building a retaining wall any higher than 4 feet, be sure to consult a professional. Digging and leveling the trench as well as laying the first course require a great deal of skill and precision. The keystone shape of the bricks leaves gaps between the stones. These can be covered up with adhesive along the top of the wall, and then the capstones set in place. Projects like this, add to the value of your home, and the enjoyment you get out of your yard. With summer right around the corner, taking on projects like this will be a great idea.



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