Massachusetts Irrigation Services

Do you have proper Massachusetts irrigation system? A good North Shore irrigation system is the foundation to a healthy good looking yard. Whether you’re watering a lawn, garden, or trees, a well designed and installed irrigation system is a must. The devil is in the details, and we have them for you.

Massachusetts Irrigation Installations


Irrigation Services starts with a good controller. The battery operated controller will send a signal through wires to the sprinkler heads telling them when, and for how long, to open. Wherever the sprinkler heads are located is usually referred to as the zone. Although most systems have multiple zones. However, the sprinklers can be installed above ground, at ground, or even below ground.


Piping and Tubing – Massachusetts Irrigation Services


Once the sprinklers receive the signal the controller releases the water and allows it to travel through the piping which is usually PVC or polyethylene. For large areas the water is dispersed through a product called a rotor, for medium areas the device is referred to as a spray head. In smaller areas, the water disperses through devices commonly referred to as emitters or micro sprays.


High Tech


Aside from the basics irrigation systems also can come equipped with rain sensors, freeze sensors, soil moisture sensors, weather stations, and flow sensors. Backflow prevention systems keep the water from contaminating the potable water supply. A quality North Shore irrigation system will have these options.  


Winterizing your System


Winterizing your irrigation system is a must do in New England. The basic idea is to remove water from the system because once the freeze comes water will expand when frozen. If the water has no outlet then it will break your pipes and cause serious damage to your system. There are different methods of winterizing including manual, automatic, and blow out. You can use manual and automatic drainage when the valves are located at the end and low points of the piping. Blow out uses pressure to expel the water. You can use an air compressor to achieve this.


Massachusetts Irrigation Services


If you’re considering irrigation services, it’s important to work with professionals who have experience dealing with various systems and designs. Many problems can occur with poor system design. Inadequate sprinkler coverage, unnecessary water usage, property damage, and leaks are just a few of the things that can go wrong. Working with a certified irrigation company not only saves money but it saves time. A qualified company will get the parts and supplies at the best price (because they repeat customers) and will be able to install the system in the most efficient and safe way.


You’ve put too much time and energy into your yard design not to have a quality North Shore irrigation system. Insure that your vision is realized. Contact us or call today and ask us any questions you have about getting started with an irrigation system. 978-352-8834

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