Massachusetts Landscape Design

There are several elements to consider when you are getting your lawn ready for seasonal landscape design. Bringing your yard and garden to life is one of the most exciting projects you’ll take on as a homeowner. There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing your garden flourish, and spending hours enjoying it.


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Choosing from available North Shore Landscaping Companies to do your job shouldn’t have you worried. In fact, you’ll be talking to experts with decades of experience to help you plan your outdoor sanctuary. Here are some of the common design elements to consider as options during your Massachusetts Landscape Design project.


Landscape Design


“Color” is a very crucial aspect of landscape design. “Color” is what really brings a garden to life and strikes an interest with its properties. Landscapers will often decide to use a color theme that serves the function of bringing together the entire property visually. Some colors are great for contrast, while others convey a sense of harmony.


Here are some ways that color can affect your landscape design:


Help to Draw attention to a feature such as a tree, pool, or sculpture
Blend your home’s colors with the landscape
Attract various wildlife forms
Offer a variety for different seasons
Create a certain mood


“Line” refers to the different structures seen within the landscape. Elements like the edges of a walkway or around a patio are examples of line usage. Usage of the line can change the way a garden flows and appears. Straight lines appear classy and formal, while curved lines will appear relaxed and creative.


Massachusetts Landscape Design


Here are some basic tips for line usage in Massachusetts Landscape Design;

Vertical lines can be used to make the eye drift upwards. This will make any space feel larger.

Elements such as tall trees can be used to add vertical lines to a property.

Horizontal lines are known to pull the eye, making space seem larger.

Multiple walkways, garden walls, or small hedges are all ways to incorporate horizontal lines.


Most people think of plants being the most popular way to add texture to a garden. You can also add texture with the use of hardscape materials. The flowers of a plant, leaves, bark, and branches all have various texture elements. This is the best way to create variety in a garden and provide the reason to slowly scan the premises.


“Form” is how the structure or shape of a plant makes it appear. Different themes in landscaping are what governs the use of form. A formal garden will have well-kept shrubs and hedges, while an informal garden will evoke more simple flow. The distinct form of many trees and bushes are some of the elements that drastically affect a garden’s appearance.


“Scale” in outdoor design refers to the relationship that fixtures inside the garden have with those in nearby spaces. Making choices that are size appropriate will nearly always give you the end result of a satisfying landscape. When you are looking at options for the right plant and landscape structures, considering your home’s size is also a key factor.

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