Must Dos For Fall Cleanup

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After the green colors of the summer months have faded and the beauty of the fall colors begin to show you’re going to need a plan to prepare for the approaching winter months. A lot of people rake a few leaves, bag them, and call it good, only to pay the price later.  Choosing the right Fall Clean Up Landscape Company for your property could mean the difference between a nightmarish Spring season or a headache free Spring. We’d like to help you out with some essential must-dos for fall.


Removing Debris is Critical for Future Lawn Health


The simple act of removing debris is the first thing to consider when making a battle plan for residential landscape property maintenance in Massachusetts. Removing branches, weeds, pet waste, and leaves, is critical in order to not smother and suffocate your lawn. Grass is a living organism, and proper air flow will spruce up any lawn. When landscaping in Massachusetts where so much debris builds up over the year it’s essential to work with a company that recognizes the basic principles of good lawn care.


Clean Gutters to Allow for Optimal Drainage   


One of the most neglected aspects of Fall clean up is attention to the gutters. Leaving foliage and debris in the gutters will quickly clog water pathways. This will cause overflow down the siding of your home and cause damage, and a big mess. A lot of people simply do not want to navigate their roof which can be quite dangerous. When considering a commercial landscaping company in Massachusetts, make sure to choose one that doesn’t mind getting a little vertical to get the job done.   


Trim Snow Vulnerable Branches to Avoid Costly Damage and Injury


Every year property is damaged, and people are injured, from falling branches that should have been trimmed before winter. Most people do not have the tools or know how to get the job safely done. Like navigating roofs, pruning large branches can be a dangerous task. Taking care of branches that can cause damage is essential when it comes to landscaping in Massachusetts, it’s something we’ve been doing for years and it’s one of the reasons we’re the top go-to Fall clean up landscape company in Massachusetts.


Preparing Lawns in the Fall Insures Fantastic Looking Spring Grass


Preparation is half the battle when it comes to residential landscape property maintenance in Massachusetts. Aerating soil will promote healthy root systems and allow them to receive nutrients when they’ll need it most. In addition to aerating you’ll want to feed the lawn with the appropriate nutrients to help your lawn survive its winter sleep. One last mow to get the grass down to a short length will encourage soil to dry quickly come spring.


Tie Up All the Loose Ends Before the First Cold Snap Hits


When the freeze comes, things take a beating if not properly prepared. Make sure to drain water from all hoses, fountains, and irrigation. All tools should be cleaned and stored in a water proof area. This insures they make it to Spring rust free. If you have plants that will be exposed, you’ll want to protect them by adding mulch and wrapping them in cloth or plastic. If you’re planting fall or winter plants, make sure to plant bulbs and annuals that do well in the cold seasons.
Ultimately there is more to a successful fall clean up than most people realize.  If your goal is to have a great looking yard in the spring and summer why not set yourself up for success and choose a commercial landscaping company in Massachusetts that has earned a reputation as the best in the business? We take care of the little things that end up costing people big down the road.