New England Autumn Landscape Plantings

When is the best time to plant in New England? Most people assume Spring is always the best time to plant, but that’s not always the case. Planting in the Fall helps plants like perennials establish strong root systems due to cooler temperatures and increased rainfall. In addition, planting conditions during the New England Spring isn’t always ideal due to the heavy precipitation during that time. The Spring season can be short, and overnight Summer heat can take hold causing stress to new plants. Whether or not it’s rare or inexpensive landscape plantings we can set you up for success.


Soil is Key


Anyone who has experience planting knows how important soil conditions are when it comes to successful planting. If the area is receiving heavy rains and not draining well then the soil will be too wet to plant and can become compact making it impossible for healthy roots to penetrate and spread. Soil temperatures and moisture levels are typically in ideal ranges during the Autumn season for root development. The soil is still holding the heat from the summer and will continue to hold it going through the Fall and into Winter. When Spring hits fall plantings with their larger root systems established in the Fall will undergo a dramatic growth surge.


Save Water and Money


One of the big advantages to Autumn plantings is the money you save on watering. Higher temps mean more water, lower temps mean less water. We see more rain in the Fall, and many farmers and professional growers argue that plants prefer rainwater to irrigated water. There’s also more morning dew in the Fall cutting down on irrigated water needs.


Trees and Shrubs


Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs. Planting in the Fall allows both trees and shrubs to get their root systems established before the first freeze. Adding mulch around the base of newly planted trees and shrubs will help protect them once Winter arrives. We can help you with inexpensive landscape plantings, don’t be discouraged by tree and shrub prices you may have come across in the past.




Fall is the perfect time to plant early Spring blooming flowers such as Tulips and Daffodils. Bulbs should be planted before late October to allow some growth before the first frost.  




You don’t have to live in California to have a great garden. Kale, carrots, and garlic can be planted in the fall and survive the winter to give you an early Spring harvest when the ground thaws. Overwintering garden crops is a fantastic way to not only build a healthy soil environment but to have tasty veggies waiting for you in the early Spring.


When looking for a reputable Landscaping Company MA look for one with history and a proven track record. We’re the most trusted company when it comes to residential landscaping Melrose, MA and the North Shore area. Call us today and let’s discuss your planting needs. 978-352-8834

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