New Lawn and Sod Installations

During every New England season, there are many benefits to having a thriving and attractive home landscape. It will provide for your home a healthy and polished look, and no doubt add a boost to curb appeal. There are numerous reasons to take on New Lawn and Sod Installations in your yard, and any homeowner can establish a visually appealing lawn quicker with the aid of sod.


The use of sod can instantly contribute to a very rich and green lawn. Landscaping Massachusetts entities can roll out the use of premium sod, and in just a few short weeks, it will be easy to avoid bare patches when the lawn begins to sprout. The initial cost of sod is considered slightly high. It works wonders to actually save you money over time. Buying the sod as well as installation is when you spend the money, and if you are seeding a lawn, weed control poses another costly issue.

New England New Lawn and Sod Installations


When a lawn incorporates the use of sod, it does not require constant watering, pesticide application, and fertilizing. Your lawn’s features and longevity are viably boosted with sod, the environment also benefits. You can prevent soil erosion, lower home energy costs, and the sod also combats harmful toxins that exist in the air. Since sod lawns have the professional touch to enable their growth, they usually turn out much healthier than lawns that have been seeded. Sod provides an incredibly strong foundation, having very strong roots and lasting for many years.


If you are choosing to take the seeded route instead of sod to maintain your lawn, it will require reseeding as the grass eventually dies or becomes very dry. One of the benefits of using a Sod Lawn is that there is no need to keep reseeding, as the grass plots in sod lawns are situated and sown very close to each other. The Landscaping Massachusetts professional you select will have methods to assure that the germination of weed seeds is done on as minimal a scale as possible, and with the use of fresh turf, there are usually no weeds that need to be taken care of.


New England Homeowners


Many homeowners out there are now looking to cash in on high gains, and rising prices in many New England cities. The nicer you can make the home look inside and out, the value will naturally rise. Making the decision to invest in a sod lawn will only benefit you as you take the steps to put your home on the market. You can take a quick drive around and see properties that have had so much attention to the structure of the house but have let everything sag and droop a bit in the lawn department, and it makes the buyer or guest feel as if they don’t want their leisure time on that lawn.


Right when sod arrives, it should be laid out immediately. Soil positioning is usually about one inch below driveways, sprinklers, and sidewalks. A lawn roller is used to effectively press the soil to an ideal surface, and other low-lying areas are then filled. Around two weeks before this process, herbicides and carefully selected types of pre-fertilizer are used to prepare the area.


After installation, the entire lawn area should be watered at a depth of approximately 10 inches, then watered frequently for a week and a half.


The hours and frequency of watering are important things to watch. It is vital during this time to keep the sod moist. After about three weeks, you can begin to fully enjoy the lawn. Then you may resume foot and pet traffic to the fullest. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of having an attractive and healthy lawn to complement your living space!

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