New England Walkways

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When it comes to landscaping in Massachusetts walkways and driveways are key features every homeowner should pay careful attention to. They are primarily functional but they can be aesthetically pleasing when installed by the right landscaping company. Look for a Massachusetts landscape company portfolio with various designs and layouts before choosing any old company to transform your yard and property.




New England Walkways get overlooked when it comes to Landscaping projects. Ignoring pathways can cause disjointed yards that don’t make sense and are frustrating to walk through. Connecting sections within the yard in a logical sequence is essential to walkway design that’s going to last and add pleasure, not stress. Walkways act as the guide to the property and create the mood within a yard. Selection of proper materials and lighting is crucial for long lasting, beautiful, New England Walkways.


Brick Pavers


Brick pavers are a classic durable choice for walkways and driveways. It has a custom look because it’s laid by hand. The colors and patterns in brick create an aesthetically pleasing finish. Bricks can be laid out to create a historical or contemporary look. If you’re going with brick you’ll need to plan where it will be installed, decided on dry lay or mortared, select brick type and color, choose a pattern for the bricks to be laid out, and work with a company that has an extensive MA landscape company portfolio to ensure you get exactly what you want when designing your New England walkway.




Flagstone is another classic stone that will make any yard look spectacular. People choose flagstone because of its flexibility, options, texture, and color. No two stones are the same which creates a custom feel and look. Flagstone is very durable saving homeowner time and money. It’s a very low maintenance and damaged stones are easy to repair.  The stone is also permeable which creates the added benefit of ground capture runoff, reducing water evaporation.

Retaining Walls


Like walkways retaining walls are another overlooked aspect of landscaping in Massachusetts. A good retaining wall’s first duty is to fight erosion. They prevent damage to your property and structures within your property. A well designed retaining wall will stop flood damage. Retaining walls also prevent sinkholes and get rid of eye sores like large dirt mounds. When choosing a New England landscape retaining wall company choose one that’s been in the business for over a decade and a half, and one that has an extensive Massachusetts landscape company portfolio.


Whether it’s walkways, driveways, or retaining walls Stefanos can get the job done. Take a look through our portfolio and call us today. Our friendly staff is happy to answer all your questions and walk you through the process of getting started on any landscaping project.