North Shore Lawn Irrigation

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When the months of extreme sun and heat come to Massachusetts, it’s best to have a detailed plan. North Shore lawn irrigation is one element that you absolutely don’t want to skip. It’s not just to keep grass green: proper irrigation also helps the lawn’s vitality.


Irrigation Maintenance

One important aspect of irrigation maintenance is completed with rotors. They can cover areas over 26 feet wide, and are available in different grades. Pressure regulated grades can help with various types of issues, while others just get the job done quickly. Certified Landscaping Massachusetts staff can help you determine which one is best.


Spray Heads are great for short range areas that cover less than 24 feet. They are great for distributing a large amount of water in a very short amount of time. They do great at providing the means to do more with less. Incorporating these devices can allow you to reduce water consumption by up to 30%.


North Shore Lawn Irrigation

Electric valves are actually the “true leader” of your irrigation system. These are definitely among the costlier of the components to replace the system. They are the necessary element that governs which section of the yard is watered.


The sensors of the irrigation system are what acts as the “weatherman” for your yard system. Over recent years, they have become much more advanced. Modern technology has allowed many of these to automatically adjust after sensing current climate issues with the location. Widely used for commercial real estate properties, they are still very useful for residences.


Control managers are the true project managers of your home irrigation system. They are there to determine which days of the week and times that the system will “choose” to operate. Controllers now have command over a wide variety of sensors. These sensors all play a vital role in monitoring the flow of the irrigation system. Many of these can now be controlled by a smartphone, which saves the homeowner money and long hours.


Landscaping Massachusetts

If you are tired of dragging a sprinkler around, it can be beneficial to install an underground sprinkler system. Assembling the zone valves above-ground is one of the most important steps in the process. Before they are connected to the underground pipes, each valve needs to be checked for ample draining. Landscaping Massachusetts area contractors are experts at converting copper to PVC, and running the line. 


When a sprinkler system is dug by hand, the main runs are dug first, then the branch lines. They should be at least 6 in. deep. The line that is known as the feed line will be wrapped with a low-voltage cable. Sprinkler heads can be connected to different pipes in several ways. One of the simplest methods is to have a barb fitting on one end at a 90-degree angle.


One thing to be aware of when dealing with irrigation is the lure of DIY fixtures. On projects such as this, when you don’t employ the services of a professional, the result may be sub-par. Getting the opinion and experience of a seasoned irrigation agency is always going to be your best bet!