Organic Mosquito and Tick Control

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Keeping mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests away is always a big priority for anyone with North Shore outdoor living areas. But, as the public becomes more and more aware of the risks associated with traditional poisons, we are fielding more and more calls about organic options.


That shouldn’t be surprising. When it comes to landscaping in Massachusetts, it’s not just the way your outdoor spaces look, but also whether you have the ability to enjoy them. That’s where organic mosquito and tick control can come in. What’s the point of having a beautiful yard if you are eaten alive by bugs every time you go outside?


With that in mind, today we want to share a few things you might want to know about organic pest control products and their uses.


Organic Mosquito and Tick Control


Not long ago, homeowners and companies that offer landscaping  Massachusetts would keep mosquitoes and other insects away by spraying powerful poisons. However, more attention than ever is being paid to the risks associated with these products. In particular, there is worry that they can be harmful to pets, children, and even adults who are exposed to them over many years. As a result, we are seeing increased interest in organic mosquito and tick control solutions. Luckily, we offer a number of all-natural products that work just as well as the traditional solutions did.


Keeping Bugs Away Isn’t Just About Comfort


When most North Shore homeowners think about pests, they imagine small bites and an annoying buzzing sound in their ear. However, bites from mosquitoes and ticks can be more serious. Lyme disease is a huge public health concern. During the warmer months ticks slip into hair and clothing. Mosquitoes carry numerous diseases throughout the world. Mosquito bites are worse for animals than they are to humans.


Cedar Oil Can be an Especially Potent Insect Repellent


There are several different organic mosquito and tick control products at our disposal. The most common and effective we use is cedar oil. Taken from trees, it is naturally toxic to ticks and mosquitoes but completely harmless to humans and pets. Not only is it an all-natural alternative to traditional insect poison, but it also brings a calming aroma that is used in some kinds of therapy. In other words, it does the same job that poison would, but with much more pleasant side effects.


We Can Make Your North Shore Outdoor Living Areas More Comfortable


Organic mosquito and tick control aren’t just about finding new toxins to fight insects with – you can also prevent them from appearing in North Shore outdoor living areas in the first place through careful landscaping. Anything that takes away stagnant water will inhibit mosquito growth. For instance, cleaning out gutters, emptying flowerpots, and keeping swimming pools clean and clear will all go a long way towards repelling pests. And at the same time, these steps make your outdoor spaces all the more enjoyable.


Summer is a wonderful season in Massachusetts. Don’t let yours get ruined by pests that can be both annoying and harmful to your health. Reach out to a trusted Massachusetts landscaper who can help you keep insects and diseases away from your home.


The Stefano’s team can help you with landscaping, masonry, and irrigation – not to mention related services like organic mosquito and tick control. Call us today at 978-352-8834 to schedule a free quote and visit your home or commercial property!