Outdoor Kitchen Landscape Design

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Outdoor Kitchen Designers

Your Outdoor Kitchen Landscape Design Company, or “landscape architect,” can assist homeowners to design North Shore outdoor living areas to fit your lifestyle. Whether you want to keep it simple, or extravagant, – Stefano’s Landscaping, Outdoor living spaces landscape Designers, can budget and build, your Outdoor Patio Kitchen efficiently.

Ranges of outdoor kitchens begin with smaller areas possessing built-in grilles. The top assemblages include fully equipped kitchens. Decked out with many options, often including storage cabinets and bars. Once a budget is determined, Stefano’s can create and build your dream outdoor kitchen.

Many homeowners choose to design their outdoor kitchens to make entertaining and food preparation easier and more enjoyable. This is in addition to a quality grill and cook space. A fully-equipped outdoor kitchen allows cooks to prepare and clean up some or all of a meal. This is all completed without running back and forth to the house.

Advantages of Outdoor Kitchens

Stefano’s landscape designers and “landscape architects” work with homeowners to create North Shore outdoor living areas with outdoor kitchens. The outdoor kitchens are both functional and gorgeous. Passionate hosts and cooks will enjoy the convenience of a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. If you grill year-round, your outdoor kitchen is equipped with a heat source.

North Shore Outdoor Living Areas MA all have one thing in common when looking at outdoor kitchens: grills always do great. Some grills have side sear zones, which can cook at about 1400 degrees for convenience. These are great for searing steaks and chops. Not always being able to do this on a regular barbecue grill is one downside of using predominantly them.

Outdoor Living Spaces Landscape Designers

Outdoor grills have side burners that can be used for tasty dishes like Ahi Tuna. Outdoor living spaces landscape designers are experts at knowing just what to do with the dimensions you are working with. They will walk you through the many options you have to beef up your space. There are advantages of using prefabricated kits to build an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Landscape Design Professionals

Options available for filling up your outdoor space allow catering professionals excel. Outdoor kitchen landscape design professionals can also help you pick roofing fixtures. A suitable roof can really bring an outdoor area together. Protection from sun and rain will keep you and your guests in the comfort zone.

Common features of outdoor kitchens include:

  • Bar area where guests can comfortably interact
  • Counters for food preparation
  • Refrigerator or cooler for food, beverages and more
  • Grill, properly-sized for the average number of guests at any one time
  • Trash bin and/or recycle bin conveniently tucked away
  • Sinks with running water for food preparation, handwashing, and easy cleanup

For help planning your outdoor kitchen or landscape, contact us for a free consultation.