November 7, 2017

Reduce Winter Slips, Trips and Falls on Your Property

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Winter is a huge liability for property owners. Every year people get injured when the weather turns bad. Too often property owners end up footing the bill for these avoidable injuries. As a property owner you can protect yourself by making a winter plan to reduce winter slips.  


Plan Ahead to Reduce Winter Slips


When the snow melts and the temperatures drop that’s when the danger begins. Ice forms. The best way to combat the inevitable ice and decrease the chances of injury is to partner with a reputable snow and ice management company. Partner with a North Shore landscaping companies that have the equipment, manpower, and experience to keep your property as safe as possible and reduce winter slips.


Repair Damaged Curbs and Walkways


High-traffic walkways take a lot of abuse.  They expand and contract from freezing and thawing. They wear down over time from use and unaddressed damage.  When these damaged areas are covered in snow they become tripping spots for people walking.  To prevent damage, make sure cracks are kept clean of weeds and leaves. Some hardscape surfaces will require yearly sealing for added protection and lifespan. If you do have damaged areas, make sure to repair them before the snow comes.  


Night Lighting to Reduce Winter Slips


A lot of people fall, trip, and slip in poorly lit areas, even when the walkways are maintained. A property that is properly lit at night not only reduces possible injuries but it reduces criminal danger as well. Light all walkways with good lighting and insure safe passage through your property. A good landscaping company can help you with the best night time lighting design for your unique property.


Overgrown Plants


Fall and winter is the perfect time to trim and prune plants. Overgrown bushes and trees can easily obstruct views and lead to accidents. They can also extend into walkways, roadways, and parking lots creating physical barriers. Tree branch removal can be quite technical and dangerous. Unless you’re trained, get a reputable North Shore landscaping company to help you out.  


We can help you keep your property safe and injury free this winter. We can do anything you need from North Shore lawn irrigation to snow removal, landscape lighting, and more. Call us today and let’s design a plan for you. 978-352-8834