Shrub and Tree Plantings

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Having a garden that you can be proud of is the result of a process that involves skill, planning, a seasoned eye for detail, and many layers of work to get it all just right. Choosing whether to attempt to do it yourself or hire a Commercial Landscaping Company MA is one where you as the property owner truly have a chance to weigh the options. The first thing you will want to consider is Shrub and Tree Plantings. If you are looking for coniferous, deciduous, or shrubs to occupy your space. There are many combinations of the three, and the decisions can seem daunting to someone who may not have much experience in landscaping.

Shrub and Tree Plantings


Coniferous trees keep their needles all year and are a good choice for shelter, privacy, and breaking up constant winds. Common examples are pines, spruces, firs, and cedars.


Deciduous trees are ones which will lose their leaves during the fall or winter.  A good idea is to plant in the southern regions of yards, they provide shade during warm months, and warmth in the winter when the leaves are fallen. These are the trees that provide the beautiful color that New England is so well known for in the fall when it’s time for them to begin to prepare for the winter. Elms, maples, oaks, walnut, and beech are some of the usual choices, and professional landscapers know best the ways in which to arrange, cultivate, and pair them up with the best choices to share the coveted real estate on your lawn.


Shrubs are multi-stemmed woody plants that seldom grow more than 12-15 ft high. When mixed with trees, they provide your lawn cover for pets and wildlife, bountiful food, and a low-lying dose of visual appeal. The perfect lawn that you are dreaming of may vary drastically from front to back, as issues of shade collide with the desire to blend high-reaching and low-lying trees and shrubs for a perfect balance.


Commercial Landscaping Company MA


The U.S. Dept Of Agriculture claims that one acre of forest puts out four tons of oxygen, a statistic that many will be watching as we have lately had some of the hottest years ever recorded. When you make the decision to add trees and shrubs to an existing yard, or plan a new lot by digging new holes, there are many different things you have to take into consideration. If you are trying to make your lawn a place that is going to be your sanctuary and retreat, it may be in your best interest to have a Commercial Landscaping Company MA handle the issue of tree and shrub planting. When a tree or shrub is planted too deep, it is one of the main causes of death.


After you have selected which kind of landscape plantings you want on your property, it is best to add backfill soil to the planting hole and firm the soil to get rid of air pockets. Taking care not to cover the trunk flare and constructing a high ridge of soil around the outer edge of the planting hole are other tasks best completed by an experienced individual.


Applying bark mulch and pine straw tactics that prevent weeds from intruding on your lawn, and also helps to conserve precious water. Staking, fertilizing, and watering tasks that require attention to detail and perseverance: the services of a seasoned landscaping company will allow you to enjoy the solitude and appearance of a lawn with carefully selected trees and shrubs while knowing their care is in the greenest of hands, (and thumbs).