Spring Landscaping is Around the Corner

Spring Landscaping in Massachusetts is coming sooner than you probably realize. Winter can inflict a lot of damage to our North Shore outdoor living areas. Delaying repairs and maintenance end up causing bigger problems, it’s best to address all issues as soon as they reveal themselves. We’ve experienced record temp lows this year which unfortunately puts a lot of stress on plants and landscaping infrastructure. The fastest way to get your landscape back into presentable form is working with a reputable commercial Massachusetts landscaping company   


Address Damage Early – Spring Landscaping


Damaged and stressed plants should take first priority in your post-winter assessment. The snow, ice, and cold weather can really stagger a plant. But not to worry. There are measures that can be taken to clean up stressed and damaged plants and set them up to thrive for the remainder of the year. Any damaged branches or dead leave should be removed or pruned for starters. This allows the plant to put its energy into the healthy parts and grow new healthy branches and leaves. A good North Shore landscaping company can help you with plants that look severely damaged or stressed. If any structural damage occurred like retaining wall erosion contact your landscaping company asap before further erosion sets in.  


Fertilize to Jump Start Plants and Lawn  


Even after properly pruning plants they will still be in a state of stress from the cold snap they just endured. New England soils are lacking in nutrients so it’s important to add fertilizer to plants to give them the fuel they need to rebound. The same goes for your lawn. If you’re unsure about which fertilizers are best for certain plants or lawns consult with a North Shore landscaping company. They will have specialized knowledge about the plants you have in your yard and what they react best to.  


Insect Protection


When the snow melts and the thaw sets in the insects wake up. Plants are more vulnerable in the Spring which makes them easy targets for insects. One of the biggest enemies to look out for is the winter moth caterpillar. There are treatments you can apply that are safe and effective.  


Get off to the right start this year. Spring landscaping sets the tone for the entire year.

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