April 16, 2017

Commercial Homeowners Associations Landscape Maintenance

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For the individuals in charge of HOA Landscape plantings and maintenance,
there are multiple items to consider. Their prime objective is to maintain
high quality and appearance, while keeping their costs low. Some HOA’s are
managed by residents, and some are taken care of by a landscape management

You should take your time when selecting from any commercial
landscaping company MA
has to offer. Here are some descriptions of
the items that they can help you with.

*Aeration: *Aeration involves perforating the soil with very small holes.
This allows air, water, and nutrients to reach down to the grassroots. It
also helps the roots grow deeper, and produces a lawn with a stronger

*Bulbs:* Bulbs should be planted during the ground’s cool time. This is an
evening temperature of between 40 and 50 degrees F. Planting at least 6
weeks before the ground freezes is another strategy to guarantee success.
When storing bulbs, it’s important not to leave them near fruit such as
apples. The gas these fruits give off can damage or kill the flower inside
the bulb.

*Container Planting *is a great way to spruce up a terrace or balcony. Many
different types of plants can do well in containers. Keep in mind that
having plants in containers is a bit more stressful for them then growing
in the ground. Watering more often is important, as these are plants that
are prone to drying faster.

Fall Cleanups are a yearly task that can take much longer than just a
day. This is when leaves are raked, and gutters are cleaned. Many
properties also have weeding needs during this time. Other soil issues are
also important to check on frequently. It’s best to clean the gutters
before raking, so the task doesn’t need to be done twice.

*Fertilization: *In an HOA setting, lawns usually need to be treated
multiple times a year. A combination of fertilizer and weedilizer provides
the best results. This keeps the lawns and shrubs healthy, and assists in
the battle against weeds. Chemically treating lawns is the most effective
way to ward off crabgrass, spurge, and other weeds.

*Holiday decoration and lights; When the Christmas season rolls around,
the ladders come out in many home and condo communities. Various types of
displays mean work for the HOA in charge. The clubhouses may be decorated
inside and out with lighting. Many outdoor trees will require careful light
placement. It’s important to always be as safe as possible during this
time. Power surges are also a dangerous issue to keep an eye on during

*Irrigation: *A housing community’s proper care for their irrigation system
is very important. Checking irrigation system heads assures that there are
no leaks inside. Irrigation systems should be checked at least once a
month, replacing faulty sprinkler heads.

*Snow Removal Services *are another very important part of HOA landscaping
maintenance. Our area of the country does experience heavy snowfall during
most winter months. During periods of snowfall, maintenance is needed to be
ready to plow sidewalks and driveways. Efficient snow removal assures
residents make it work safely. Keeping the property clear of snow also
assures safety for residents that are homebound.