Four Traits of a Great Commercial Snow Removal Business

Jack Frost has arrived and with him all the snow that he dumps on us. Whether you love or hate the white stuff the bottom line is we have to deal with it, especially if we’re running a business. Commercial snow removal is something you have to think about when you have a commercial property. There are lots of North Shore snow plowing companies to consider. How do you know which one to choose? Let’s take a look at the four traits of a great commercial snow removal company.




A lot of businesses make the mistake of hiring the low bid when they’re deciding on a commercial snow removal company in Massachusetts. But there are several things to consider when you’re evaluating a company that will effectively take care of your North Shore snow plowing needs. A company that uses quality updated snow removal equipment will save you time and money. For example, snow removal company A uses a small UTV and takes 5 hours to plow an area. Snow removal company S uses a larger more efficient piece of equipment and plows the same area in one hour. Company A charges $100 per hour while company’s charges $400 per hour. In the end company’s which appears to cost more actually cost less. And we’re not even accounting for the cost of not having a clear lot for 5 hours!




There’s no doubt that when the snow starts falling snow removal companies get busy – crazy busy. But this is not an excuse for not communicating with their clients. A quality commercial snow removal company will send emails and even call you with updates. They should let you know when they arrive at the location, how much snow was encountered, how much de-icer was applied, and when they departed the property.




When the snow starts falling the clock starts ticking. Most of the time snow falls in the evening and gets cleared in the early morning hours. Businesses rely on snow removal contractors to get their lots clear and ready for business before opening hours. It’s essential to work with a company that has the manpower and equipment to get the job done fast.  




It’s the little things that add up to success or failure. Attention to detail is vital. You need to work with a snow removal company that thinks about the little things. Where’s the best place to push the snow? How can we combat ice build up? Keep driving lanes clear? Ensure we don’t damage property? These are all the logistical things a good commercial snow removal company will be ready for.


Winter is here and the snow is coming. Don’t get caught scrambling to find a reliable snow removal company when the snow starts falling. Call us today so you’ll be ready. 978-352-883

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