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What kind of driveway should you choose? It’s not an easy question to answer, and you have plenty of options. However, for the money and longevity it’s nearly impossible to beat cobblestone driveways. Also, consider the aesthetics. A stone driveway simply looks better. Treat your driveway like you would any other aspect of your home and property, it’s more than a place to drive and park your car.  


Why Cobblestone?


Cobblestone is timeless. They give an old world look and provide old world longevity. Cobblestone pavers are typically made from pieces of granite, and sometimes basalt and other stones are used. Granite is an extremely hard rock. It’s been used for centuries in all kinds of outdoor space design and many of those roads and driveways still exist today. Granite is stain resistant, it’s not affected by weather, and it doesn’t split or crack like other materials.  


How to Maintain Cobblestone


One of the big perks of cobblestone is that is requires very little maintenance. Wash it a couple times per year and you’re good to go. A professionally installed cobblestone driveway will remain stable and functional for up to 100 years.


Why Clay Brick Pavers?


If cobblestone is simply out of your budget but you still want a good looking and durable driveway consider brick pavers.  Clay bricks are designed to withstand high levels of loading weights. They maintain their form better than poured concrete because when the underlying earth moves during freezing and thawing periods, clay pavers adjust to the underlying soil movement. The result is a driveway with no cracks, unlike asphalt and concrete.  


Clay Brick Characteristics


One of the nicest things about clay bricks is their safety. They have a textured surface and are highly abrasive making them slip and skid resistant. Clay bricks can be installed during any kind of weather conditions which dramatically decreases the cost and time of the installation. In addition, the brick can be walked on and used immediately after being laid. The bricks are made from natural clay that comes from the earth so they’re environmentally safe. They will not lose color or finish over time. Many streets in Boston have bricks that have been used for over 200 years, making them a quite durable choice.


How to maintain Clay Brick Pavers


Clay brick pavers are easy to maintain. If a brick becomes damaged or stained, it’s easy and inexpensive to simply pop the brick out and replace it. If a concrete driveway starts to decay the costs are much greater to remedy. You can clean brick pavers with some detergent, water and a scrubbing brush.


New England Pavers


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