Stone Masonry Services

Stone is the low carbon footprint material of choice for durable construction. When used for landscape design, it shows that nature has already done all of the work of making the material unique. Stone is very inviting, practical, and elemental. It can last a lifetime, adds significant value, and has appeal that spans over long time periods. Landscaping and masonry contractors are standing by to assure you have a spectacular yard area. 


Stone and granite stairs are a staple of many homes. Granite is excellent at weathering winter weather, and the salt needed during winter. Caledonia Granite or Standstead Granite are the two main choices for stairs.If you are working on a masonry stair project, you can use bluestone treads among other choices. These will aid in making a very attractive stairway. The stairway can be the focal point of your landscape, and a useful component of your residence.

Stone Masonry Services MA


It’s not just the look of Bluestone that is appealing: it does a great job of wearing hard. There is a large variety of settings that Bluestone tread can be used in, and a highly experienced team can advise you. Landings, as treads sills, hearths, and pool surrounds are other applications suitable for bluestone.


New York Bluestone is a natural stone stair tread known for its blue-gray color. It is one choice that is very visually appealing, and is saw cut on all sides. We are a landscaping, masonry, and irrigation company that can help with all of your needs. You have many choices for stone masonry services, and experience shows with our work.


Stone Fireplaces


A stone fireplace is at the heart of immaculate log homes. The costs for this feature can vary widely depending on your genre of masonry. Real full-stone masonry, thin-cut natural stone, and manufactured stone veneer are viable options. When determining your cost, you must look at materials and labor costs jointly.


Cultured stone materials may cost more, but less labor is needed than with real stone masonry. Fireplaces that are built with stone are durable, as well as very fire-resistant. They can be a great addition to any backyard, and liven up your spot for entertaining guests.


Stone Walkways


When building a stone walkway, it’s important to choose stone that is suitable for the walkway you need to create. You also want to choose stone that does a good job of accenting and complementing your yard. Rough-cut flagstone is one of our favorites, and offers a rustic appearance. These types of appearances work well in a lawn or garden setting.


Stone masonry services vary when there are cold winters that take place. For a climate like ours in the Northeast, dense stone such as granite is good for withstanding cold temperatures. Softer stones like limestone and sandstone are better suited for areas of full-time warmth. If temperatures do fall below freezing, absorbed water can force them to crack.


The very clean and sharp lines of modular stone are a great choice for contemporary homes. Brick and cut stone are called ashlar, and are more suitable for period or country homes. A very widely-spaced path is better suited for gardens or secondary paths. Stone that is set with tight joints is a good choice for walkways that see high amounts of foot traffic.


You can contact us for all of your Stone Masonry Services needs. We’ll show you just how spruced-up your property can be today. It may be stairs, a walkway, or a decorative zone around your pool: call us today to get your project off the ground with the perfect vision.

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