New England Landscaping Mistakes: 10 Common Mistakes

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Landscaping mistakes happen. The best way to avoid them is to know what they are. We’ll discuss ten of the most common New England landscaping mistakes.


  1. Forgetting to Water Plants


The number thing plants need aside from sunlight is water. This seems like a no-brainer, yet it’s the number one reason plants die. Instead of worrying about hand watering every day have an irrigation system installed. Irrigation systems run on timers so you know your plants will get water even when you leave town. North Shore Irrigation systems are one of our specialties.


  1. Choosing the Wrong Plants


What kind of plant is the right plant for your soil, sunlight, and design conditions? How big will the plant grow? How much time and attention will it need? These are all questions you should answer before buying any plant. North Shore Landscaping Companies can choose the best plants for a property.


  1. Choosing the Wrong Wall or Fence


When it comes to choosing a retaining wall or fence it’s best to consult with a trusted New England landscape retaining wall company. A simple design or placement flaw could lead to big trouble. Getting the look right the first time saves headaches down the road as well. Contact a professional landscaping company with a record of top-notch stone masonry services to get started.


  1. Lighting Mistakes


Landscapes that are not easily navigated at night are not functional. Proper lighting adds a new dimension and life to a yard. Lighting also adds a safety element to the property.


  1. Not Being Realistic


Designing and building a beautiful landscape is only the half the battle. A dreamscape will quickly disappoint if not properly maintained. Plan on working with professional landscapers to maintain your property. It takes the pressure off you and allows you to enjoy your landscape year round.


  1. Not Making the Landscape Functional


Get more involved with your landscape by adding functionality to it. Fruit and vegetable plants not only look great but taste great. Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can make the yard a regular gathering place for friends and family.

  1. Forgetting the Front Yard


The backyard provides privacy so most homeowners spend more time in the back. However, the front yard is equally important. Not only is it the first thing you see when arriving home, maintaining a great looking front yard increases property value.


  1. Not Planning for Winter


Winter in New England is a given. There are certain things that must happen to prepare a North Shore yard for winter. Consult with a landscape professional to learn about all the must-dos to prepare for winter success.


  1. Not Addressing Eyesores


Shrubbery and other features can cover and hide unsightly items on a property. Garbage cans, air conditioners, and other home necessities don’t have to jump out and be distractions.


  1. Speak to a Professional


Part of the fun of designing a landscape is dreaming big. Many homeowners have lofty design dreams they take on without any help. Soon they become overwhelmed. Make sure to get a professional landscaper to work out the small details and technical aspects.