New England Lawn Care

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As one of the premier landscaping companies in New England we’ve forged our reputation by providing superior lawn care service and helping our customers stay stress free when it comes to lawn care decisions. Weed control, pest control, fertilization, irrigation, seeding, proper lawn cutting, and shrub and tree plantings are just some of areas we have mastered when it comes to lawn care and residential landscaping.


Lawn Seeding


Without the proper seeding, you will not achieve a great looking lawn. The first thing that goes into seeding is proper soil preparation. Grass grows best in soils that have a pH between 6 and 7.5. Once the seed has been planted it’s critical to keep the seed moist until good germination takes place. A good lawn care service company avoids weed control until the new grass has been mowed at least four times.


Lawn Irrigation


Being the premier residential landscaping company in the Melrose, MA area, we have a clear understanding of what kind of lawn irrigation is necessary. Installing an underground sprinkler system that operates on timed zones not only ensures a healthy lawn. It saves homeowners time and money. Irrigation systems typically should not be installed by homeowners as they can be complicated and one small error during the installation could end up making the system non-functional, or worse, ruin your lawn. Something as simple as a connector applied incorrectly can cause a lot of problems. Choose a lawn care service company that’s been installing irrigation for well over a decade. They know that you’re going to have an amazing looking lawn that gets everything it needs when it needs it.


Shrub and Tree Planting

Homeowners want shrubs and trees to border their lawns to create an aesthetically pleasing perimeter. This is also functional if fruiting trees or bushes are incorporated.  Planting trees and shrubs in the fall is a great time to get them established. They become dormant and the conditions provided the greatest chances for success come to Springtime. Planting shrubs and trees is a challenging task. Many factors are to consider. These include pH levels, soil temperature, sun location, nutrient requirements, and properly setting the shrub or tree into its new home in a stress-free manner.


When looking for a trusted lawn care service company for your residential landscaping in Melrose, MA goes with a company that has an extensive portfolio, excellent testimonials, and over a decade and a half of experience. Give us a call today. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.