Hiring a Background Checked & Insured Landscape Company saves Money and Worries

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Imagine your doorbell rings. You answer it. Standing there is a crew of landscapers offering their services at the lowest prices you’ve ever heard of. Too good to be true? Yes. Chances are the company is not insured properly or at all. In addition, you have no idea about the background of the company or the individuals working for it. What this all means is a massive liability risk for you, that could end up costing more money than you’d like to think about. It’s essential to work with an Insured landscape company when considering your residential landscaping in Melrose, Massachusetts.


Are they Bonded?


Landscaping and masonry contractors that are bonded care about their customers. If they are bonded this means they have a security bond. A bond involves three parties – the surety or guarantor, the contractor, and the person hiring the contractor. Bonds protect you – the customer. For example, if you hire a landscaping company to trim a huge oak tree branch that is too close to your house and they make a mistake resulting in damage to your property any expenses you need to pay to repair the damage will be covered by the bond. In addition if some of the workers on the crew are less than honest and steal something off your property that is covered too.

In a worse case scenario you might decide the crew is not going to be able to finish the job correctly so you hire a new crew – that is covered as well under the bond.  


Are they Insured?


Contractor insurance is different from a bond – it’s a contract between two parties – the contractor and the insurance company. This protects the contractor from financial losses. There are two parts – liability and worker’s compensation. Liability will cover damage to your property caused by the contractor. Worker’s compensation covers wages and medical expenses for workers who get injured on the job. If you hire an uninsured landscaper and one of their workers is injured on your property guess what? You are responsible!!! I know it sounds unfair but that’s the law. Working with an insured landscape company is insurance for you.


Are they Licensed?  


In general, a Massachusetts landscape design contractor cannot be licensed if they are not insured and bonded. Licensing basically means they are trained professionals. There are many challenges and obstacles landscaping crews face because every property is different. A license shows they received proper training and are equipped with the knowledge to overcome challenges safely and properly.  


It’s easy to avoid costly mistakes when working with a Massachusetts landscape design company. Simply ask the company if they are bonded, insured, and licensed. Ask to see the proof – a good company expects and welcomes this.


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